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The 10 Most Popular Recipes On Instagram In February

Take one look at the HuffPost Taste Instagram account and you’ll get a good sense of the landscape of recipes being created by the most popular food bloggers on the internet. Then take a look at the number of likes for each of those dishes, and you can tell what people are really craving.

Sometimes (ahem, January) photos of fresh fruits, salads and smoothies hit the spot. But in February, comfort foods took the spotlight. Five of the 10 most popular recipes featured on the HuffPost Taste account were soups or stews, two were grains and three were ooey-gooey desserts.

The most popular recipe had twice as many likes as any other recipe. Once you take a look at it, you’ll know exactly why. Check out the top 10 dishes below.

Now wouldn’t you like that cake, too? Get cooking and see what all the fuss is about.